"Muir is a thoughtful, creative, and always productive teacher, able to coax steady progress from his students."

- Louise Redd, Author

"I am so grateful for Terry's tutelage. Terry was very patient with me, an adult, beginning student of 'cello. He helped me to spend more time thinking about the voice of the cello in the bow hand, to make the 'cello sing, rather than merely playing the right notes. This doesn't mean that Terry was casual about technique; rather, technique was put in its place as a foundation for much better things. I have had a few little moments of greatness since studying with Terry, and would gladly study with him again."

- John Sahr, UW
Terry Muir with student

"My former teacher Terry Muir was a captivating teacher with a technique to match his musicality. He helped me greatly as I began my career to become a very successful cellist at the New England Conservatory of Music. His advice changed the way I played cello and definitely improved my technical and especially musical abilities."

- Gabriel Beistline, B.M Cello Performance, New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, MA.

"One of our son's greatest joys, as one of Terry's cello students, was getting to hear Terry play during his lesson. My son was able to hear and genuinely appreciate the beauty of the instrument and the nuances of the music that only an active performing musician can keep in their work. This was the constant inspiration that made lessons a great joy and made practicing an important part of that worthwhile journey to achieve a beautiful sound and share it! My son loves nothing more than mastering a passage or a new piece to be able to give it back to the teacher who planted him firmly on that road."

- Adrienne Kennedy, Austin TX
A student of Terry Muir

"Before studying with Terry Muir, my son, then 13, had taken a year of cello at his middle school. The teacher there encouraged him to pursue private lessons, and we were fortunate to find Terry. Our son was musical but undisciplined, and nothing in the group musical efforts at school was inspiring. But Terry was. He infused our child with a sense of the beauty of the Bach and other music they played together and the possibilities of the cello. I admired Terry's patience, good humor, and his capacity to care about the children--and adults--he teaches. He's a brilliant musician and an empathic teacher whose talents I'd recommend to all."

- Laura Furman, University of Texas, Austin

"Terry Muir is both an inspiring teacher and wonderfully accomplished musician. Lessons are interesting, challenging and fun. In addition, he plays basketball."

- Anne Cooper, MD

"Terry Muir is a skilled and sensitive teacher who brings out the natural musician in each person he coaches. Students of all ages benefit from his inspired guidance."

- Margaret Perry, Director of Education, Austin Lyric Opera

"As a returning adult music student, I was quite nervous about taking up lessons. Terry has an incredible way of adjusting his teaching style to fit the needs of his student's goals and learning styles. I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to study under Terry. I highly recommend Terry for private instruction to any level cellist looking to improve their skills."

- Rebecca Springer, Aspiring Cellist, Austin, TX

"As someone who came to the cello as an adult wholly innocent of strings and ignorant of much else, I appreciate Terry's ability to make the impossible task of playing without anger and gloom intermittently imaginable. His devotion to the tradition and his innate musicality continue to inform my practice of the rudiments. He is an ingenious teacher, very well-read, and a little relentless, and has given me much to think about just what the cello does to people."

- Mary Blockley, Professor of English, University of Texas